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The Confederate Ornament
The Confederate Ornament by Lynne Damianos.

The Confederate Ornament

What have we been up to lately?
Photographing an historic artifact!

This ornament, in the form of an alligator and eagle, is made of gilt wood, circa 1860-65. It was taken from the library of the Executive Mansion of Jefferson Davis at Richmond, Virginia, by Brigadier General George H. Gordon (of Framingham, MA) on April 4, 1865. An emblem of the Confederacy, the alligator bites the neck of the Union eagle, which holds a chain in its beak. The ornament is signed in paint, on the bottom, “From / [Wm] C. Poole / E City N.C.”

Immediately after the fall of Richmond, Gordon made his way to the city, took the ornament, and sent it to Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew. Lent by the Massachusetts Historical Society (L20186), this artifact typically resides at the Massachusetts State House.

We photographed this symbolic artifact for the Framingham History Center, so that it has permanent images of this beautiful and historic artifact as a teaching tool for its visitors.

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